Mission and Objectives


Why someone has the access to everything and others don’t have resources even for further education? We cannot eliminate this inequality alone, but, we can try to remove all sorts of barriers that restrict access to and success in higher education. We can try increasing equality of educational opportunity for adult learners generally worldwide and particularly in the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara and other underdeveloped or developing countries. We are committed to excellence in teaching, research and scholarship and to being of service to the deserving people. Our motto is KNOWLEDGE GUARD THEE and we犀利士
, from the core of our hearts, believe in it. It is knowledge that guards us from criminality, frustration, and inequality. Our mission is to remove all obstructions restricting access to higher education.


The students, faculty and staff of The National University Of Penal, Administrative And Security Sciences profess a set of complementary values that are fundamental to the university’s identity and provide the foundation for its practices.  We value distinction. The search for excellen犀利士
ce and distinction is the hallmark of all of our activities.

  • For us the wisdom has significance.
    Student learning and satisfaction are measures of our success.
  • Four us scholarly research has significance
    We engross in contemplative practice through the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of teaching.
  • For us free exchange of idea has significance.A respectful climate for open discourse promotes innovation, discovery and social responsibility.
  • For us honesty and flexibility significance. Reducing fences to education enhances access and social impartiality.
  • For us multiplicity and inclusiveness has significance
    Multiplicity and inclusiveness enhance the quality both of learning and of the workplace.
  • For us our team has significance.
    The commitment, innovation, creativity and continuous learning of every team member contribute to our success.