Academic Excellence

Educational Experts say that alumni understand well and retain knowledge when they apply what they have learnt. It is truly said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Keeping in view the “Rigour and Relevance” method in front, we do not rely only upon lecturing our students, we also provide our students with the optimal learning with “practice”.

We do not want students only to go to classroom to watch the teachers work while they enjoy with their colleagues. The UNIPASS’ Rigour and Relevance Framework has called the imagination and attention of teachers to aspire to teach students to high rigour and high relevance. Our educators use this formula to set their own standards of excellence as well as to plan the objectives they wish to achieve. This versatile framework applies to standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Our professors maintain a consistent level of rigor and relevance by combining curriculum objectives, develop instructions and test techniques so that the students reach the teacher’s expectations. At the same time, our professors design high-rigor instructional activities and use high-rigor assessment tool, so that the test should be an accurate measure of what students have learnt.