“Implication Of Replicated Branded Cosmetic Products On Consumer”

[infobox size=12 icon=none000 type=none width=100% bgcolor=#FEF6D2 bordercolor=#FFD300 color=#444444 size=12 border=full style=square ]About Author: Noorulain Ansari is the student of Bachelor in Textile Designing (Hons) from Asian Institute of Fashion Designing (Iqra University, Karachi, Pakistan). This paper was written as her research work.[/infobox] "Implication Of Replicated Branded Cosmetic Products On Consumer" Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION [...]

“A lethal journey to Europe”

Every year, thousands of people try to migrate to European Union in search of a better life. The illusion of living a comfortable life in European Union makes them travel through merciless mountains and stormy seas where they become a forgettable history. Only a few cases are known to the world. This article describes the [...]