Chief Patron’s Message

Our Royal Greetings!

Awareness has changed today’s world and the world is not the same as it was two decades before. Information Technology as a form of awareness has changed virtually our lives and way of living. To keep pace with the rapid evolution of the international environment, we have to prepare ourselves, we have to study the latest courses and we have to defend our nation from terrorism and unrestness by learning the latest techniques. We have to study courses that nourish our business environment; we have to move very fast, but, steadily to maintain the balance in our lives. We have bestowed our royal charter to The National University of Penal, Administrative And Security Sciences and have given it the status of the national university of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom so that the people of our kingdom, particularly, gain benefits to prepare themselves to serve the nation and the world in a befitting manner. We welcome you to our national university, where you will not only gain practical knowledge in your chosen field, but also learn to lead, and to serve humanity.

Blessings to you all.

His Majesty King Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru The First, The Forty-ninth Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara


Academic Excellence

Educational Experts say that alumni understand well and retain knowledge when they apply what they have learnt. It is truly said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Keeping in view the “Rigour and Relevance” method in front, we do not rely only upon lecturing our students, we also provide our students with the optimal learning with “prac犀利士

We do not want students only to go to classroom to watch the teachers work while they enjoy with their colleagues. The UNIPASS’ Rigour and Relevance Framework has called the imagination and attention of teachers to aspire to teach students to high rigour and high relevance. Our educators use this formula to set their own standards of excellence as well as to plan the objectives they wish to achieve. This versatile framework applies to standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Our professors maintain a consistent level of rigor and relevance by combining curriculum objectives, develop instructions and test techniques so that the students reach the teacher’s expectations. At the same time, our professors design high-rigor instructional activities and use high-rigor assessment tool, so that the test should be an accurate measure of what students have learnt.


Mission and Objectives


Why someone has the access to everything and others don’t have resources even for further education? We cannot eliminate this inequality alone, but, we can try to remove all sorts of barriers that restrict access to and success in higher education. We can try increasing equality of educational opportunity for adult learners generally worldwide and particularly in the Kingdom of Bunyoro Kitara and other underdeveloped or developing countries. We are committed to excellence in teaching, research and scholarship and to being of service to the deserving people. Our motto is KNOWLEDGE GUARD THEE and we犀利士
, from the core of our hearts, believe in it. It is knowledge that guards us from criminality, frustration, and inequality. Our mission is to remove all obstructions restricting access to higher education.


The students, faculty and staff of The National University Of Penal, Administrative And Security Sciences profess a set of complementary values that are fundamental to the university’s identity and provide the foundation for its practices.  We value distinction. The search for excellen犀利士
ce and distinction is the hallmark of all of our activities.

  • For us the wisdom has significance.
    Student learning and satisfaction are measures of our success.
  • Four us scholarly research has significance
    We engross in contemplative practice through the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of teaching.
  • For us free exchange of idea has significance.A respectful climate for open discourse promotes innovation, discovery and social responsibility.
  • For us honesty and flexibility significance. Reducing fences to education enhances access and social impartiality.
  • For us multiplicity and inclusiveness has significance
    Multiplicity and inclusiveness enhance the quality both of learning and of the workplace.
  • For us our team has significance.
    The commitment, innovation, creativity and continuous learning of every team member contribute to our success.

Rector´s Message

Peace unto you!

Thank you for choosing our university for your professional studies.

Faculty at our university is not just dedicated teachers, they are also nationally and internationally known scholars and res犀利士
earchers – men and women who have earned the highest degree in their field and still strive to accomplish more.

We assure you that university services and support systems are for all students and guardians of the students. We wish you the best stay at our university enjoying your studies. You will fin犀利士
d us around you whenever you need any support from any university staff. We promise to provide you a student friendly environment at our physical and virtual campuses.

With more than 300 academic programmes offered at UNIPASS, you will surely find a course of study that will meet and definitely surpass your hopes. And whatever your course of study, you can be certain that the programme you select will be of the highest quality. The professional accreditation of specific programmes gives you further assurance that these degrees have met recognised national and international standards.

I wish you all the success in your life. May our Lord be with all of us, amen.


Admission and Fees


We appreciate your interest in our university!

The Office of Enrolment Services consists of the offices of admission, financial aid, international student services and student recruitment.  Thes犀利士
e departments operate as a single entity to provide you with timely and convenient services. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, national origin, ancestry, marital status, disability, age or citizenship. Fill up this form for the further information.

For scholarships and admission you will have to fill this form and send us duly signed. For further details please contact with the admission department. We appreciate you review our brochure before any inquiry. You will find all information in this prospectus. After going through the brochure, if you need any further information, please contact with the information department.

Tuition and Fees

The fees differ from course to course. Please consult to the admission department for further details. The UNIPASS offers up to 50% reduction in fees to the students from the least developed countries and disabled persons. The fee structure for the BKK’s students is different. Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom´s students should consult with the admission department for further details.

We receive the fees through PayPal as it is the safest way of paying your fees. Please click the icon below.


Courses Offered

Certificate Courses

To take your career to the next level it helps to have the credentials to show that you have the skills and expertise to perform up to the task. These certificate programmes offer hundreds of certificate and diploma courses in criminology, criminal justice, law, business, public administration, office management and many other fields (like Business and Professional Healthcare, Fitness Hospitality, Gaming, IT, Software Development Management, Corporate Media and Design, New Age, Skilled Trades, Industrial Soft Skills and Sustainability etc) to give professionals a plus point in the competition for recognition and a better job. Each course is designed for the learn-on-your-own trainee and consists of one or two study units and periodic progress exams to measure skill advancement. Students are supported by administration services throughout the duration of their studies.

Entry requirements: There are no fundamental entry requirements. The only skill needed for these courses are basic reading and writing capability.

Diploma Courses

The Higher Diploma provides to the students with a moderate knowledge in specific fields of study. Students acquire a basic understanding of all subjects related to the major. A short diploma may vary from 6 months to one year. A Higher Diploma is equivalent to a three year college degree (will be offered in 3 modules and each module is of one year). The course curricula of the Higher Diploma are entirely based on published textbook material and adjusted to the student’s personal goals. The UNIPASS offers the following short/higher diploma courses:

  1. Certified Criminal Expert
  2. Certified Judicial Expert
  3. Expert in Document Examination
  4. Polygraph Examiner
  5. Crime Scene Expert
  6. Professional Investigator (Detective)
  7. Legal Assistant
  8. Investigative Journalism
  9. Police Instructor
  10. Information Technology
  11. Business Administration
  12. Paralegal Diploma (Legal Secretary, Advanced Deposition, Advocacy Skills, Arbitration, Case Analysis, Communication Skills, Exhibits, Case File and many more).
  13. Paramedics Diploma and short courses are offered through our Paramedics School and our affiliated institutions. These courses are approved by the Ministry of Work of Mexico and UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México):

    • Patient assessment
    • Airway management
    • Medical emergency management
    • Medical care for special populations
    • Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA) – Basic Life Support
    • Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA) – Intermediate Life Support
    • Critical Care Assistant (CCA) – Advanced Life Support
    • ECG Technician

Entry requirements: Secondary School Certificate

Bachelor Degree 

Criminology/Criminal justice is one of today’s most exciting and fastest-growing careers. A Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology/Criminal Justice could lead to a diverse array of satisfying positions in law enforcement, correctional institutions, the courts, social service agencies and community advocacy organisations. As a student you’ll enjoy in-depth and interesting courses. This Bachelor degree provides students with a comprehensive knowledge in the specific field of criminal and security sciences. Students acquire a full understanding of all subjects related to the criminal and security sciences. The UNIPASS offers Bachelor´s degree in Law, Criminology, Criminalistics, Criminal Justice System, Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Science, International Relations.

Entry requirements: Higher Secondary School Certificate / Bachillerato / Associate Degree.

Master Degree 

The Master’s degree programmes provide students with specialised training. Students acquire practical knowledge and specific skills in courses related directly to the student’s concentration. The specialised and practical training that the UNIPASS offers through the Master’s adult degree programmes has become almost compulsory at the workplace. The course curricula are based on published textbook material and a research project commensurable with the course syllabus and the student’s personal goals. The final exam consists of several pages reports based on each of the textbooks listed in the programmes. In addition, the Master’s student must submit a project.
This degree prepares you to excel in your professional life. As a student, you’ll conduct an extensive exploration of the theoretical origins of criminal behaviour, gain an essential background in the evolution of legal system and political influences, and learn important practices relating to today’s most pertinent criminal justice issues. Upon graduation, you’ll have the strategic thinking and problem-solving skills that are necessary to obtain a managerial role in this booming field. We offer masters in undermentioned disciplines:

  1. Forensic Sciences
  2. Security Sciences
  3. Homeland Security
  4. Anti-Terrorism Studies
  5. Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  6. Cyber Criminology
  7. Police Studies
  8. Prison Management
  9. Cyber Security
  10. Law
  11. Business Administration
  12. Public Administration
  13. Environmental Sciences
  14. Mass Communication And Investigative Journalism
  15. Diplomacy and Leadership

Entry requirements: Bachelor degree


The Doctorate programmes offer students the highest level of specialisation in any discipline. Students acquire highly specialised knowledge and full command of specific skills that they will develop, argue and defend in their culminating work: the Doctoral thesis. The doctorate programme consists of set of taught subjects culminating in a thesis (research work) for review and evaluation by The UNIPASS academic committee. In some cases, previously published material can be counted towards the Ph.D. degree in substitution of the doctoral research work. Several 50 to 60 pages reports based on textbooks may also be required to complete the required online doctorate credits. Duration depends on the amount of research and work that students will devote to the completion of their doctoral thesis. The Ph.D. thesis must be defended in front of a minimum of three members of The UNIPASS Academic Network and two scholars from other institutions.

Entry requirements: Master degree

Honoris Causa (HC)

Honorary doctorates are granted to those individuals who have demonstrated humanitarian or scientific excellence. Only third party nominations will be accepted. This D. Hon degree is awarded in recognition of those who have contributed towards the betterment of the society. Every case is carefully analysed and approved by the UNIPASS Academic Committee.

For further details of the courses and fees, please contact with the information department of our university.