Dr. Blanca Estela Gomez Torres

She holds the office of the Vice Rector (Mexico) of THE UNIPASS. She has a Bachelor of Law Degree from University of Mexico with specialisation in Young Offenders Correctional System and Crime Prevention, Masters of Law from Institute For Crime Prevention and Penitentiary Research with specialisation in Crime Prevention, Human Rights and Prison System, Professional diplomas in documentoscopy, criminology, criminalistics of the camp from National Institute of Legal Development, Mexico. She is Doctor of Criminology with specialisation in Security Sciences from The National University of Penal, Administrative and Security Sciences.

She is expert in teaching in universities and has delivered lectures on criminology and crime prevention and attended conferences in Ecuador, Colom, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Spain and other countries. She has international certification as teacher of trainers of forensic science by the University of Habana, Cuba.