Dr. Sir Shamsul Hassan Syed Azeemi

Sir Shamsul Hassan Syed Azeemi (1st OEBKK, KGC) is the Rector of The UNIPASS. He is Ph.D. in Criminal Sciences (Universidad Empresarial of Costa Rica), PhD (Defence and Strategic Studies, EGU, France), Masters in CJS, Governance and Police Studies (Universidad Epresarial of Costa Rica),  BA (Gold Medal, Pakistan Military Academy) and Professional Private Investigation (Detective,  Ashworth College, USA). He is university instructor of Police Intelligence and has Criminal Expert Certification by Spanish Ministry of Interior approved institute. He is the member of the prestigious Delta Epsilon Tau Honour Society. He has taught at many international schools and universities as an instructor, mentor, and professor. He is the author of two books about Criminology and International Terrorism. His areas of expertise are criminology, intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency operations, and national security.