Most Demanded

Road Accidents


1. Concept of Land Traffic Accidents.
2. Application within the criminology.
3. Activity of the expert on the accident.
4. Description of Place of accident, packaging and signs.
5. Legal framework of the expert, regulations and laws that regulate it.
6. The study and the importance of federal and local laws.
7. Eyewitnesses (identification and questioning).
8. Relatives and witnesses statements.
9. Knowledge of signs of scene.
10. Identification of evidence, the fact emerged before land transit to investigate.
11. Relevance and Significance of signs, traces and evidence.
12. Description and location of the signs.
13. Packaging and Preservation of evidence.
14. Application techniques in relation to the evidence of the fact.
15. Observation, analysis and understanding of what is a prosecutor´s attestation of an ocular inspection.


The aim of this course is to provide a student with a skill to identify any evidence of road accident produced by any vehicle and to conclude the real cause of the accident using the techniques and methodology that the student will learn in this course.

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