Dr. Rita Tola

She has been the parliamentary assistant with secretarial duties for external agenda management in Italian Parliament,
Journalist and columnist of the periodical “La Provincia” of Oristano and programme editor in central radio of Oristano, Italy.

Dr. Rita Tola is a mental and professional coach.  She b威而鋼 egan her career as a parliamentary assistant with secretarial functions for the management of the external agenda in the Italian Parliament. She is certified by the “Chamber of Deputies” as a forensic investigator.  She worked as journalist for the Itlaian national newspapers and conducted programmes on Sky broadcasting network.  She ha日本藤素 s the doctorate degree in Sociology.  She has certification in “Leader management by innovation”, “Problem Solving” and “Stress management techniques” by ENGIM Training Institute of the Vatican City. She has received numerous professional and academic awards from public and private entities of the Italian Republic.