Most Demanded


1.What is history of a document?, Classes and structural content of a document.
2. Elements as required for a document to be original.
3. False documents (analysis)
4. Original Documento but not lawful.
5. Types of paper.
6. Classification of paper.
7. Technical analysis of paper.
8. The ink and its composition.
9. Techniques of ink analysis.
10. What is useful enrol威而鋼
ler, useful types of enroller?
11. What and how is a printing system?
12. Different printing forms.
13. The typewriter, fonts and features.
14. Types of texts on typewriters.


Learn to identify the authentication or falsification of a document through technical and document analysis in general, inks, wear and all kinds of amendments and additions on paper, typography, writing, calligraphy, strokes, signatures as well as various types of useful Enroller and the main types of security paper.

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