Forensic Photography


1.Brief History of Photography.
2.Cameras and functions.
3.Lighting sources (light).
4.Camera accessories.
5.Use and Management of Flash.
6.Proper handling of photographic role according to the ISO.
7.Physical integrity of the photographer in high-risk sites.
8.Brief History of Forensic Photography.
9.Methodology of Criminalistics and Forensic Photography.
10.Use and Management of metrical evidence and different indicators.
11.Description of scene with pictures.
12.Place of Acts, Findspot, closed or open.
13.Steps in different photographic expert reports.
14.Search, classification of evidence and fixation techniques.
15.Anthropology, Ballistics, Locksmith, Explosive and fires, Graphoscopy, IT, Medicine, Land Transit, Valuation, etc.
16.Theft in its various forms.
17.Manslaughter (unintentional and accidents).
18.Intentional Homicide (firearms, knives, strangulation, suffocation, precipitation, poisonings, etc.).
18.Cadaver management in the amphitheater and the Forensic Medical Service.


Objective of this course is to make ready our student to perform his/her duties in war and peace or crime and delight. Whether it is a crime scene or professional investigation, may it be saving the questioned documents in the camera or taking footsteps on the sandy soil. Our student will be preserving all evidences in his/her camera for analysis and final prosecution.

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